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01/30/2017 Video to DVD

We wanted to thank you for expediting our family videos so that we could share them with our eldest son before he returned to college. We had so much fun watching them!! So many things that were forgotten over time were brought back for us! Thank you! Also, we're impressed with the quality of your work and how the DVDs have scene selections. That's a really nice touch! We haven't watched all of them, yet, but can't wait to! Sincerely, Cindy & Brett

- Brett Warner from Austin

10/23/2016 Video to DVD

Alan did an awesome job transforming all our home video VHS tapes to DVD's. Such a professional business. And such special memories to enjoy a lifetime.

- Juju Michelle from Cedar Park

07/10/2016 Photo Videos

My wife and I have enjoyed doing business Alan. He has done a great job scanning our VHS tapes, Polaroids, and slides of our children. We were worried that these memories would fade with time. Thanks to Alan, we will have these memories forever. Alan has also shared some great scrap booking tips with my wife..

- Stuart P. from Cedar Park

03/11/2016 Video Editing

Tomorrow will be three year anniversary of my dads passing. I just watched the video slide show that you made for his funeral. I wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job. I watch this video regularly. I am so thankful that you have given me this gift. It was so well done and appreciate your work on it.

- Tiffany from Corpus Christi

12/20/2015 Video to DVD

Absolutely unbelievable service! Not just the finished product (converting 25 miniDV tapes to DVD"s and a USB backup), but Alan was great to sit and chat with. He took great care of our priceless memories and presevred them forever. Each DVD has thumbnails of various "scenes" making it easier for you can scroll through and find what you are looking for. Alan does not know this yet but more business is coming his way -- people are lining up asking me where I had this done. AMAZING JOB!! Thank you.

- Larry D. Gonzales from Round Rock

12/19/2015 Video to DVD

I had some old VHS tapes transferred to DVD and they are wonderful!! They are in a little case called "Family Memories" and each DVD is labeled with the date and the run time. I would recommend Home Video Studio to anyone wanting to preserve their memories!

- Darlene Fox Means from Austin

08/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer

This was my first effort in having old home movies preserved as DVD's. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Alan was very professional and the work was excellent. I highly recommend them for your next project.

- Carla Benton from Jarrell Texas

06/30/2015 Video to DVD

Alan and Kim transferred all my home videos to DVD; awesome job! Would recommend to anyone trying to preserve and condense bulky VHS, 8mm, slides, etc. Thanks again for your great service! Nancy

- Nancy George from Austin

04/02/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

My wife and I were very happy with the service we received from Alan. Retrieving old memories from the past for the ear to hear again is a blessing. Thank you Alan!!

- Dylan & Amy Rodriguez from Austin

03/04/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Alan transferred an old wedding video to DVD for my friend. The filetype was not working with my software, so he spent extra hours trying to figure out which type would work for me to be able to edit it. He was so helpful and nice to give that extra effort. Highly recommend!! Thanks again!

- Natalie from Austin, TX

02/23/2015 Video to DVD

Excellent product! Very professional and friendly service. Will definitely go back when I need additional work. Highly recommended!

- Connie Esau from Austin

02/04/2015 Video to DVD

I have worked with Alan Fon twice. Both times he offered exceptional service and quality. He is detail oriented and makes our family memories into something we can treasurer for the years to come. I highly recommend him and can't wait to have some more family videos transferred to DVDs. Gather your tapes and give him a call!

- Andrea Rudd from Austin

12/22/2014 Video to DVD

I HIGHLY recommend this company!!! Very friendly, very reasonably priced and finished when promised if not before!!! PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

- Tammy S from Austin

12/22/2014 Duplications

I have really enjoyed the cassette to CDs that you did for me earlier this year.

- Diann from Austin

10/08/2014 Video Services

I've been meaning to email you about how much we liked the prints you took off of the slides. Wonderful! Thank you soooooo much!

- Dee from Port Aransas

09/12/2014 Video Services

We found old 8 mm and super 8 mm films in a dank basement in my mother-in-law's house. Alan was able to copy these along with old slides, beta tapes, and VHS videos for us. We now have memories from the 1940's to share with the family! Thank you for the great service!

- Donna Jones from Austin

08/29/2014 Video to DVD

I had 6 of my "24 year old home video's"transferred to DVD...Alan did a fabulous job!!I am so pleased with them.We have enjoyed watching them all again. I would definitely use you guys again and would recommend you to anyone that is in need of transfers!Thank you Alan!

- Anna from Liberty Hill

06/25/2014 Photo Videos

I just had a chance to look at the disk of photos. They look great. You are in a great business--precious memories.

- Linda B from Leander

06/02/2014 Video Services

My parents passed away recently and I had a lot of VHS, Super 8 and 8mm reel film that needed to be converted and archived on DVD. I met with Alan and showed him what I had and needed. He was very helpful each step of the way and helped advise me on the best options. A few weeks later he had my DVD’s ready to preview and arrange. Then a few weeks after that he was done. We just love them and can’t believe how well they turned out. The quality is exceptional considering the age of some of the tapes. We are very pleased and my family will enjoy the videos of our dear parents for many years to come

- Larry Dowden from Cedar Park

05/03/2014 Video to DVD

I have several VHS tapes that are very important to me that I took to Alan to convert to DVDs. After Alan performed his "magic touch" I was extremely satisfied with the quality of them. I will definitely go back to him in the future with any more video services. Thank you Alan!

- Kathy Hansen from Round Rock

03/23/2014 Video to DVD

I am so pleased with my DVD's that Alan made for us from our VHS Tapes!! I was able to see family members that are no longer around and also brought back so many memories. Great quality and service, 5 stars plus. I would recommend Alan and his services, which I have already done, to everyone! Thank you for a job well done.

- Eddie Wall from Leander

03/20/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I needed an old VHS Home Video transferred to DVD and copies of my three kids First Birthday's starting with my 26 year old. I called Alan in advance to let him know I was going to be in Central TX over the weekend and he made sure the job was complete as well as my additional copies before I left. The quality of work put into the transfer was excellent. They also added a "Menu Scene Selection" to make it easier to get to a certain part of the DVD and he removed blank spaces between birthdays. The price was very reasonable to begin with, then I was given additional discounts, which was even more awesome. I will continue to use Home Video Studio for my future video needs.

- Marretta from Lubbock

01/21/2014 Video to DVD

I found some old VHS tapes and took them to Alan. I would have been happy just to have them on a DVD but the menu and scene selection and packing are a nice bonus. Very professional and reasonably priced. I'm totally happy with the results.

- Paul from Cedar Park

01/10/2014 Photo Videos

Hi Alan, I just wanted to thank you again for the video you put together for us and all the work you put into it. We all enjoyed it very much!! It made our Christmas very special as well as my parents anniversary special too! I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas! Take care and I'll be in touch after the new year to start work on my other projects! Thanks so much!

- Amy B from Austin

01/02/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We are so pleased with our DVD that Alan transferred from our 8 mm home movies. We had an 8mm movie from the 1930's when my mother was 4 or 5 years old and this turned out great. The DVD is an archival DVD that will last for 100 years. The music that Alan chose to go with the different movies are perfect. I highly recommend Home Video Studios for your home movies to be converted to DVD's. This is a highly professional company.

- Lyn Miller from Temple

01/02/2014 Video Editing

Alan, Delighted to get the DVDs and to have everything so nicely packaged! A pleasure to work with you, really appreciate your very professional job.

- Kate from Austin

12/28/2013 Photo Videos

We had an album of 45 year old snapshots that I wanted to put on a DVD for easier access and viewing. But there were several issues: I didn't want to mail my precious album away, the old snapshots were somewhat faded, and I had made collages of many photos so the whole album page ran together. What to do? Alan Fon worked his magic and produced a DVD of scrolling shots so all the pictures are clearly seen, and the quality is fantastic. We couldn't be happier! In fact, we have several dozen old albums that we now will take to Alan to make DVDs for us.

- Ellen Klipp from Cedar Park

12/23/2013 Video Editing

My wife and I just finished a film project. To begin with, neither of us knew anything about film. At first, we wanted to take some old 8 mm film and splice it all together and have someone put it on a DVD. We were very fortunate to have contacted Alan and Kim Fon. Alan suggested we have music in the back ground. Then he had my wife and I do a video introduction so that our voices could guide the people watching so they could enjoy the film even more. Then, we decided to make several copies to send to relatives for Christmas. The end result was the film was preserved, it was more enjoyable to watch, and the cost was very reasonable. Alan is a professional at this type of work. My wife and I were impressed with his desire to produce what we wanted. Both of us would highly recommend Home Video Studios.

- Wayne Barker from Corpus Christi

12/15/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I took a good number of old videos in three or four different formats to the Home Video Studio. Alan was able to get them organized and transferred to DVDs. Our wedding video came back in a beautiful case and the other DVDs were all delivered in an organized case. We had not watched any of them in years and now have been able to enjoy them all. Alan and Kim are true professionals and made the entire process easy. I would definitely recommend them for any of your A/V needs.

- Tom Humphries from Austin

08/29/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Alan, wanted you to know we just watched the family video from 50 years ago with my brother and his family for their first time tonight and we all LOVED it! Thanks so much for preserving our memories so beautifully for us!

- Debbie Cook from Corpus Christi

07/10/2013 Photo Videos

Hi Alan, I just wanted to let you know that the DVD worked perfectly! The service was beautiful and everything went smoothly. Again, thank you for taking care of that for me and accommodating my last minute changes and additions.

- Tiffany Walker from Corpus Christi

01/21/2013 Video Services

Happy New Year, Alan and Kim and thank you so much for the wonderful video you made from my Grandparents 50 year old videos, wow, it was so fun to watch them on Christmas! Also the still photo montage was a fantastic Christmas present, you did a great job on both!

- Debbie King Cook from Corpus Christi

11/05/2012 Photo Videos

I recently had the pleasure of working with Home Video Studio on what I consider to be one of the most important things I will ever do for my children. I contracted Home Video Studio to put together a video for our son's rehearsal dinner. I, and the brides mother, in-trusted Alan and his staff with over 350 of our family photos. They worked tirelessly on our project for over a month and produced, with music, the most beautiful piece of work I have ever seen. It will be a very proud moment next weekend when my husband and I can share it with our wedding guests. They handled our project with precision, patience, and professionalism, and I would welcome anyone considering their services to contact me for reference. It is a true pleasure to have worked with Home Video Studio and we are grateful for the gift they have provided our family. Thank you.

- Karen Brady from San Antonio

11/05/2012 Video Services

Alan, Thanks for the job-well-done! Tom

- Tom Jaggard from Rockport

09/30/2012 Photo Videos

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the great work scanning my old 35mm and medium format film negatives. Thanks for the quick turn-around and very good results. I'm impressed by your fast, friendly customer service.

- Jeff Martin from Aransas Pass

09/24/2012 Video Production

Just wanted you to know that Liz has a contract on her listing in Pelican Cove. Lady from Austin is buying it. She called and said she had been searching and kept going back to the Virtual Tour. She decided she had to come see it and, she bought it. Thanks for a great job.

- Marvin Dorris from Aransas Pass

08/29/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Alan & Kim for creating wonderful DVD's from all my video cassettes. My family and I have enjoyed watching videos we have not seen in over 20 years. Each video had your special touch to them. We will cherish them forever. I have come in several times to do the photo processing. The pictures turn out beautiful. It is so nice to have a service like yours on the island!

- Beth Owens from Port Aransas

08/17/2012 Video to DVD

Professional and courteous service and very competent in transferring 40 and 50 year-old color slides and 8mm movies to DVD. Very happy with the results and reasonable prices. Highly recommend!

- Irwin from Aransas Pass

05/01/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was worried I would lose all of the 8mm videos I made of my kids to weather or age. Alan & Kim transfered dozens of hours, and saved years of memories! It is so great to be able to put in a DVD and see my "babies" now 20 years later! Amazing work you two! Thank you so much!!

- Liz from Port Aransas

03/30/2012 Home Movie Transfer

After twenty years in storage, Home Video Studio brought some of our best memories to life. I most appreciated them taking the time to organize the Super 8 movies so that we can share them in sequence with our grand children. If you have memories that you want to preserve, this is the place to bring them. Thanks again Alan.

- Garace Reynard from Corpus Christi

02/23/2012 Video Services

Received the DVD today. Thank you Alan. Just beautiful work! I wasn't aware that you provided covers. Thank you for the extra work. Your choices were perfect. I'll definitely show your cards around..

- Bill Jones from Corpus Christi

02/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks again for doing such a good job on those super eights, getting them onto a DVD for me. I'm showing them to people over and over

- Dan Parker from Port Aransas

02/01/2012 Video Production

Thank you so much for making the Choir Cantata DVD. It is so professional and you made us look and sound good.

- Marilyn Cook from Port Aransas

02/01/2012 Video to DVD

Great Job. Pictures are fabulous. Thanks

- Erika Hull from Corpus Christi

01/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thank You Alan for doing a great job on converting 33 - 8mm home movies (2 hr each tape) and I will definitely be back to use your services. My Daughters will enjoy these DVD years to come.

- Joe Sevilla from Corpus Christi

12/05/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Everyone in my family loves me even more because we can now watch our 1955 to 1980 home movies on DVD. They turned out great! I also had 2 home videos of my grandmother's 90th and 99th birthday celebrations put on DVDs. Kim and Alan are wonderful. Their shop is a delight to visit. It is wonderful to have them here in Pot A.

- Dee Sims from Port Aransas, Texas

11/19/2011 Duplications

Home Video Studio went out of their way to help me. Thanks Alan you do great work and I will definitely be back to use your services.

- Donny Nesloney from Port Aransas

09/20/2011 Duplications

Thanks for the work you did putting together multiple cds for the Health Plan. Great turnaround time also. I appreciate it.

- Miguel Perez, III from Corpus Christi

09/03/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I am so happy with my new DVD's! The service was fast and professional and the price was great! Thanks to Home Video Studio!

- Dee from Port Aransas

08/20/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Alan worked with us to salvage a series of 8mm films taken approximately 40 years ago. He was able to enhance and "refresh" the color as well as the contrast during the transfer process. This made the film much more watchable. We now have a gold master copy for safe keeping, and can make copies for friends and family. He also added music to the films making them a lot less boring to watch. :-) Alan also transferred, and enhanced, a number of even older slides to CD for us. Now we can enjoy them without dragging out an old slide projector. It was a pleasure to work with him. He is very skillful and empathetic in preserving our memories. Alan has a very professional studio with a full suite of equipment. His services are well worth the price!

- Jim & Elsebeth Lane from Corpus Christi

06/16/2011 Video to DVD

Alan and Kim took 75 years of home movies and almost 100 years of family pictures and digitized them onto DVDs. They did a wonderful job. It was interesting to see some of the pictures on a big screen, you can see things that you never knew were there. We now have 60 years of 35mm slides to digitize. I know they will turn out great.

- Joe & Sherry Bream from Port Aransas

05/16/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Alan and Kim took our 30 years worth of home movies in numeous formats and made them something we can now enjoy. They helped me organize our family films from the 1980's to current date and we can find a desired time without the hassle of looking thrugh shoe boxes of films. They are in a professional format that is just wonderful to browse through. We have made copies for the kids for them to treasure for years to come. Thanks Alan and Kim

- Mike Hall from Port Aransas

03/28/2011 Video to DVD

Alan & Kim Fon's Home Video Services saved the day for my daughter and her project partner on a school project. The girls worked really hard producing and filming a video about marine debris. It was great! Except for one thing. My video camera turns out to be a dinosaur! So I took the camera into Alan Fon and he was able to transfer the girls' video from my camera's obsolete minidisk onto a more universal DVD. I really appreciated the fast turnaround. On another note, Alan and Kim produced a DVD of the PAISD & PACT co-production of "Aladdin, Jr.," the sales of which benefitted the Port Aransas Community Theater and served as an awesome memento for the elementary and middle school students who were involved in putting on this show. Thank you, Alan & Kim!!

- Jana Snow from Port Aransas

03/28/2011 Duplications

I had an old vinyl 33 album my Mom and her friends had made in the 70's and it was warped and it skipped a lot. I was afraid that Alan and Kim wouldn't be able to make a copy of it. I was very happy when they called to tell me they were able to copy it. I was even more pleasantly surprised when it sounded even better than the original record!! This was a surprise present for my Mom for her birthday and after the tears, we listened the the whole thing . My Mom said she never thought she would hear this music again. Alan and Kim are amazing at what they can do with their wonderful services. I am now going to take some old home movies to them to make DVD's . I am so happy that we have the Home Video Studio here in Port Aransas. Thank you Alan and Kim so much, you made several ladies happy !!!!

- Tanya Chambers from Port Aransas

03/21/2011 Video to DVD

I recently came across a box of slides that my wife's parents had taken over 50 years ago. Some were spotted & we wanted to preserve the images for our kids & grandkids. I took the box to Alan & Kim to see if they could do anything with them. What Alan put together for us was nothing short of AMAZING! We now have over 200 images on CD & DVD that we can share with family. Alan worked diligently with us to make sure we would be happy & we ARE. Thanks Alan & Kim for all your time and for sharing your expertise to produce a top quality product!!!

- joe Mullenax from Port Aransas

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